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"Zoe is a great massage therapist. I had an ongoing issue form playing pro sport and she really helped me with a lot of little niggles I had. She also gave me some stretches/ exercises to do outside of treatment which further helped. She was very professional, and had a great etiquette. She was also lovely to speak to whilst having treatment, making it a really pleasant visit."


Zoe's massages are just pure heaven. She was so welcoming and instantly put me at ease in her space. She was very caring and intuitive with what I wanted and I left a lot more relaxed and with no knots! Would definitely recommend.


I booked my first appointment with Zoe at Sano  due to pulling a muscle in my glute and hamstring on my right side. After my first session I noticed a difference. I was so impressed by Zoe’s knowledge, understanding and thoroughness of getting to the root of the issue and instantly saw the benefits. I continued regular treatment, which helped ease my troubled hamstring. Zoe is amazing, I highly recommend her. 


Inside the clinic


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